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• You hustle in your career or business and constantly overperform and it feels like hard work.
• You chase success, clients or people and nothing works out no matter how much you push.
• You feel disconnected from yourself, your intuition and what you want in your life.
• You overthink a lot and get stuck in your head.
• You feel insecure in the way you speak and carry yourself and worry that others could detect your lack of confidence.
• Your dates with men are unfulfilling as men are often very passive and don't take the lead or initiate.
• You avoid making decisions and setting boundaries.
• You feel constantly exhausted, tired, and stressed but struggle to relax and sleep well at night.
• You feel burned out.
• Your self-care and appearance have been placed on the back burner.
• Your visual and appearance have changed (looking more masculine, looking exhausted).
• You neglect your private life and things you love.
• You dread the energy dips, pain or irregularity of your period or suffer from infertility.
• You experience anxiety about your work performance, productivity or success in general.
• You suffer from shoulder, back or stomach pain from overworking or neglecting your physical wellbeing.
• You have a low libido or find it difficult to climax no matter how hard you try to turn yourself on.
• You struggle to build and maintain fulfilling relationships with family, friends or a man.
• You struggle to let go of control and just go with the flow.



• Feel feminine, authentically you and certain about what you want in life as a successful woman.
• Effortlessly grow in your career and your business without hustling and overworking.
• Be more successful in your career and business while feeling powerful rather than burned out.
• Easily attract the perfect people, opportunities and abundance to you like a magnet.
• Feel and look super feminine, attractive, and sexy AF. You have that magical glow.
• Speak and carry yourself with magnetic confidence as a woman in every social situation.
• Easily make decisions and maintain your boundaries.
• Feel relaxed, energized, and well-nourished.
• Connect with and care for your body and menstrual cycle.
• Enjoy dating masculine men who initiate, lead, and pursue you.
• Experience deep intimacy and a fulfilling sex life with masculine men.
• Cultivate fulfilling and long-lasting relationships with family, friends and your dream man.
• Let go of control, enjoy going with the flow and feeling alive.


Are you ready to become the most magnetic & successful feminine version of yourself and attract everything with ease? 1:1 coaching is luxurious self-care you are craving as a busy & successful woman.


I love my career and working hard, but I was experiencing so much anxiety and dreaded my period every month because the pain would sideline me from my work. Working with Christina taught me how to embody my feminine while working hard. She helped me start scheduling my work according to my cycle to honor and capitalize on my energy. This shift has made me so much more productive without burning out, neglecting myself or feeling anxiety and dread.


I started working with Christina in a 1:1 container. I always felt working hard is the standard and actually reached out to her because of me not feeling feminine at all. And we all know those masculine business women, I just didn't want to become one of them. Being creative, being emotional, and being a gorgeous female woman was what I wanted, but needed support for. Christina does an incredible job! After our calls I felt so inspired and had so many strategies to implement in my daily life.


During the VIP DAY my whole life started to shift. The way Christina created it for me and how she understood exactly what my feminine needed, wow! Christina helped me with balancing my masculine and feminine energy. I was super masculine and actually didn't even notice it! I was exhausted from dating the wrong men who couldn't lead. They turned me off. I wanted to date a real masculine man. Since I've kept my energies balanced those men came and we went on incredible dates. No question that the VIP DAY offers so much value, I highly recommend it!


Become this irresistible and sophisticated woman who can be hard working and super feminine at the same time.


#1 FEMININE SUPERPOWER You exude magnetic feminine energy and attract people, aligned opportunities and abundance into your life with ease.

#2 FULFILLING CAREER You stop hustling and overworking as a business woman. You feel turned on by your work and learn how to be more productive & successful as a woman. You work hard, but you don't burn out and keep that feminine glow.

#3 LONG-LASTING AND SAFE RELATIONSHIPS Your relationships with both family and friends feel safe and satisfying. With your dream masculine man you experience real love and intimacy and the hottest sex ever.

#4 IMPROVED HEALTH You are able to relax, sleep well, and have tools to better manage your mental and physical wellbeing. You understand how to regulate and maintain a healthier menstrual cycle. Plus, you feel whole and complete, damn sexy, and just happy with your body and life.

#5 BEING YOUR TRUE SELF You embody your most authentic feminine self. You follow and trust your intuition, love yourself, feel confident, make decisions easily, and set boundaries unapologetically. This is YOU!


My femininity coaching is like luxurious self-care for elite women like you. You want the best, you'll get it. It’s the most sensual and revolutionary program out there! We not just journal or talk theory, my coaching is pure female embodiment, it’s sensual, sexy, and luxurious. It's the way I coach, the secrets and strategies I teach you, and the feminine vibes during our work together.

All of my 1:1 containers are completely bespoke and created for you. No coaching session is ever the same, as every woman is unique. The coaching is 100% dedicated to your individual needs and therefore super effective to create your juiciest and most fulfilling life. The exercises we do, the topics we speak about, and where we gonna have the session, it’s all hand-picked. Picture yourself in your favorite café or spa doing your mindset work, strolling along the beach and chatting about your dating life or having a session at a famous rooftop bar where you can practice learnings IRL. If you prefer, we can also do the exercises at your beautiful home, during the day or night. It's up to you. On top of that, I work together with celebrity trainers, professionals, and brands to make this the greatest experience of your life!

In the coaching sessions we go very deep and uncover your beliefs and patterns which hold you back from embodying your feminine.
I reconnect you with your femininity, balance your energies, and make you magnetic AF for everything that you desire! I let you glow from the inside out and make you stand out after your femininity makeover. I got you! No topic is ever too embarrassing or inappropriate to talk about. I create that safe and kind environment for you to share everything that your feminine wants to bring to the table. What we talk about in private sessions stays absolutely private! I also protect your privacy legally.

I'm Dr. Christina, your Femininity Coach from Los Angeles, CA. I was once where you are right now, a hard working and successful business woman with the challenge to embrace her femininity, emotions, and with giving up control and getting out of survival mode. I went through it all (read my story below) so I know what helps you as an ambitious woman the most. I'm your femininity BFF, so let's chat about it. More details about the coaching in the FAQs and in my YouTube show THE WOMEN.




/ 60 mins just you and me / we cover specific topics regarding femininity / incl. personalized after-care and Telegram support for one week after the session / former clients get priority to book follow-up 1:1 coaching sessions and last minute support



/ my eyes on your feminine life, career & business, relationships and dating long-term / coaching on a monthly basis / 2 sessions per month (90 mins each) / incl. personalized after-care, Telegram support for one month and me checking in with you regularly / monthly extensions possible



/ just you and me IRL for one day (8+ hours)
/ we meet at your city of choice worldwide
/ individually created day for you
/ we go very deep with your topics
/ incl. personalized after-care, Telegram support for one week after the VIP DAY and you get my private contacts for urgent matters!
/ add a makeover & personal shopping experience to feel even more feminine


Are you ready to become the most magnetic & successful feminine version of yourself and attract everything with ease? 1:1 coaching is luxurious self-care you are craving as a busy & successful woman.


Hi, I'm Dr. Christina! As a career driven woman, I hustled and chased the next achievement for years thinking it would lead me to fulfillment. I have a background in Psychology and a PhD in Business Sciences, and worked in the corporate world of Mercedes for many years. My feminine was severely neglected as in our modern society the masculine is seen as more valuable and productive.

I even adopted more masculine traits like short hair and mens clothes. I found it difficult to talk about my emotions, relationships, periods and sexuality. My work and private life blended together as I started new work-related hobbies and made no time available for self-care. I had only a few flaky friends and my relationships with women and men never lasted long. I felt like always attracting the wrong, super passive men.

More than 2 years ago, I reached my personal moment of burnout. I didn't know who I was when I looked into the mirror or what I wanted in my life. I felt completely disconnected from myself and my intuition. I was unable to make decisions, suffered from sleepless nights, panic attacks, and loneliness. I didn’t feel sexy and attractive anymore. And honestly, I knew that the key to my true and authentic self was to reconnect with my feminine, but didn’t know how to make it happen.


I knew something needed to change, so I dove into coaching programs, therapy, and concepts about personal growth and spirituality. The awareness and tools I practiced started to shift my energy and mindset. I transformed myself and stepped fully into my feminine and became a magnet for aligned opportunities, exciting relationships and once in a lifetime moments. I noticed myself relaxing and reconnecting more with my wonderful body, feeling my senses. I carried myself with more confidence, set clear boundaries, and spoke my mind more often. I developed deeper friendships with both women and men and actually enjoyed dating. I started to feel sexy and sensual again! I treated myself with respect, honored my energy and prioritized taking care of myself. I glowed from the inside out. I quit my career at Mercedes, broke up with my long-term boyfriend, and moved to Bali to have my own Eat Pray Love moment. I found myself happier and healthier than ever and became a Femininity Coach to help other sophisticated women in the same situation.


Based on my own experiences, I poured all of the wisdom, tools and processes together and created my femininity makeover coaching programs. You take the shortcut! Whether it's a 1:1 SINGLE SESSION, 1:1 MONTHLY MENTORING, or the luxurious VIP DAY. You’ll get to know your feminine and how to reconnect with her even when you are hyper busy. You'll experience internal shifts that took me months to embody. And you will learn everything you need to tap into your feminine again and create life changing results in your own life as a career driven woman! Become one of those ambitious women who already have been part of my coaching and whose lives have transformed in ways that they could never have imagined. ARE YOU READY TO UNLEASH YOUR WONDERFUL FEMININE SELF?

Now is your chance to tap into your feminine again! 1:1 coaching is the most intimate and personalized way to work with me. It's going to be feminine, sexy, and sensual. Are you ready for becoming a feminine and radiant woman?


Only one session changed so much for me. I have a similar story as Christina. I was constantly exhausted from work, I focused my whole being on working hard. I just cut off people, invitations, and myself, because I had no time. There was always something going on with work. It was super hard to give up control and start surrendering first. But it worked! Everything started to feel easy again since I take more care about myself and step away from constant overperforming.


I can't remember when I really spend time with only myself. No distractions, no work. This is why I booked Christina's VIP DAY. It was exactly what I needed to feel feminine again. It was about ME the entire day. Christina came to New York and we worked on some of my beliefs about femininity. We went down a street in Brooklyn and it clicked for me! I knew what I had to change and let go as I was able to feel the connection with my feminine again. I am so excited about my new chapter. Thanks to Christina!


Christina is amazing, I love her energy and the way she coaches femininity. It's so feminine and unique. Honestly, I haven't been aware of how much of my life is affected by being feminine. Health, dating, my work & business. I carry so many responsibilities as a founder and have so many things on my table. But I want to keep a healthy work-life balance and run a successful business, too. Christina showed me how this is possible and over just a few sessions I noticed how my priorities shifted, how my health improved and how I felt more confident with carrying myself as a feminine boss. It feels f*ckin' amazing. I'll continue working with Christina long-term. The results speak for themselves.



Now it's time to stop procrastination and manipulating what you actually want and need! As ambitious and hard working business woman I know you're done with being constantly exhausted, feeling burned out, and attracting those passive men. You are independent and powerful AF and it's the time to surrender and let go of the constant stress of achievements and to become an authentic feminine woman. You are able to be successful with your career and business and super feminine at the same time. I'll show you how and we take the shortcut as I know you need quick and effective results and are busy anyways.

As an elite and sophisticated woman you want more, you want to thrive in all areas of life and you deserve it! You are already successful and I give you that extra push to experience a juicy and orgasmic life. Whether it's businesswise (work smarter not harder), regarding your health (burning out less likely and having a healthy menstrual cycle), or while dating and in relationships (hottest sex with masculine men is otw to your bedroom).

All 1:1 coaching sessions and the VIP DAY are completely bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. Fill out the intake form below and secure your spot today!


Now is your chance to tap into your feminine! Sign up for the NEWSLETTER and be one of the first women to get the news when new 1:1 spots open up.


Who are the women in your coaching containers?

Most of the high-profile women in my coaching containers are in their thirties and forties. They are ambitious, career driven ladies who want to transform themselves and tap into their feminine as hard working and successful business women. Some of them are entrepreneurs, founders, VPs, CEOs or managers in corporate companies, VIPs and celebrities from all over the world.

How many spots do you have available for 1:1 coaching or the VIP DAY?

There is no fixed amount of spots that open up regularly. It depends e.g. on my former clients who wish to extend their coaching. They get priority. For the VIP DAY I usually have a waitlist as it requires more planning ahead (you know I'll come to your place of choice worldwide). The best is to sign up for my newsletter to be one of the first women to get the news when new spots open up. Besides that, always feel free to send me a message and fill out the intake form so that we can see if working together would be fruitful.

What can I expect from your coaching?

Connecting again to your feminine essence will make you more magnetic, sensual, relaxed, and nourished in all areas of your life. This is what successful and high-earning women crave so badly, letting go of the constant stress and hustle around success and achievements and be a sensual and soft feminine woman. You can expect to get to know yourself and your feminine on a deeper level through working with me. It's not only about strategies and journaling, my coaching is pure embodiment. You learn to embody HER and unlock your femininity making you glow and prosper from the inside out. Be prepared for a massive transformation!

How does your coaching differ from other coaches?

My coaching programs have a dedicated focus on career driven women (30yrs+) who crave being feminine. It's like luxurious self-care. It's not that I'm talking about femininity only, all my coaching programs are feminine per se. The way I coach, the way we work together on your topics, and the techniques that we use are feminine AF. There is no topic that we can't talk about, there is no judgment, no embarrassment, just you and me in a safe space as this is exactly what a feminine woman needs: safety & kindness! It's like fully tapping into your feminine while we work together so that you learn how she really feels. My clients tell me that after our sessions they feel that glow, that feminine sparkle and they know how to keep it going when being back in their offices.

In which ways will I benefit from working with you?

I've been exactly where you are at atm. Hard working, chasing, successful, but more masculine than feminine. More logical than intuitive. More doing than being. More in my head than in my body. More numb than sensual. More harsh than kind. More exhausted than relaxed. And this doesn't stop when you leave the office, right? It affects your private life, too.

I'm your Femininity Coach and I'll offer you this femininity makeover! It's gonna be sensual, luxurious and super feminine. You are gonna embody your feminine from the first moment we start working together. You get all of my strategies and my expertise to support you in tapping into your feminine in your daily life as an ambitious woman.

Are you ready to invest time and money in your new feminine self? Because the investment will come back to you for a lifetime as your wonderful feminine self: a business woman who is hard working, successful, doesn't burn out and is sensual, feminine, and magnetic at the same time.

What is included in the different coaching programs?

All 1:1 coaching programs and the VIP DAY are completely bespoke. Based on the things you'd like to work on, I create the unique concept for every session. So what you get is the most intimate and personalized way to work with me on your femininity. All my coaching programs include personalized after-care, i.e. take-aways, a plan for your embodiment and exercises as well as a private chat for you and me on Telegram. That way, I'll keep you accountable regarding your development and you can deepen your learnings and ask further questions that come up after our sessions.

What is not included in the coaching programs?

Depending on the coaching program that is most suitable for you, there is always an option to add quick calls, extra sessions, or additional coaching support. For instance, my VIP DAY clients have the option to book a makeover with a personal shopping experience and styling to create a new female appearance.

What is the pricing?

Each coaching container is completely bespoke. A 1:1 single session is around USD $997, the monthly mentoring starts at USD $5,577 and the VIP Day at USD $10,000 (unlimited). Reach out to me for more details and let's create your unique transformation together.

What is your refund policy?

Each coaching container is completely bespoke. Different refund policies apply for the different coaching programs. Reach out to me for more details.

What happens after I submitted the intake form?

Once you've submitted the intake form, I will get back to you within the next 48hrs to arrange a call with you. In this 30 mins call we will have the opportunity to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. We'll go through your details in the form to understand your needs and answer your questions. If there is a fit, I'll suggest you one of my coaching containers and we'll discuss the details and next steps.

Will there be a group coaching container in the future?

Being part of a group coaching offers incredible value through connecting with other high-achieving and successful women, talking about femininity and sharing unique stories. That's why I'm currently working on live events for an intimate group of 5-7 elite women. It will be a truly transformational and luxurious experience in stunning locations around the world. Picture yourself on a yacht in Dubai, in a luxury beach villa in Tulum or a picturesque hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You get the vibes, right? Message me for more details.

You have further questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm always happy to help and answer all of your questions regarding femininity and my coaching programs for high achieving women. Shoot me an email or DM on social media to find out which container is the perfect fit for you at the moment.

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