JUNE 23-25, 2023 LOS ANGELES
JULY 21-23, 2023 NEW YORK
SEPTEMBER 29-10/1, 2023 AUSTIN

Love, are you ready to become the most magnetic & successful feminine version of yourself and attract everything with ease?


• You hustle in your career, but still feel stuck.
• You chase jobs or people that you know aren’t a perfect fit for you.
• You feel disconnected from yourself, your intuition and what you want in your life.
• You feel insecure in the way you speak and carry yourself.
• You avoid making decisions and setting boundaries.
• You feel constantly exhausted, tired, and stressed but struggle to relax and sleep well at night.
• Your self-care and appearance have been placed on the back burner.
• You dread the energy dips, pain or irregularity of your period.
• You experience anxiety about your work performance or productivity.
• You suffer from shoulder, back or stomach pain from overworking or neglecting your physical wellbeing.
• You have a low sex drive or find it difficult to climax.
• You struggle to build and maintain fulfilling relationships with friends or a partner.
• You struggle to let go of control and just go with the flow.



• Feel certain and aligned with who you are and what you want in life.
• Effortlessly grow in your career without hustling and overworking.
• Attract the perfect people and opportunities to you.
• Feel feminine, attractive, and sexy AF.
• Speak and carry yourself with magnetic confidence.
• Easily make decisions and maintain your boundaries.
• Feel relaxed, energized, and well-nourished.
• Connect with and care for your body and menstrual cycle.
• Cultivate fulfilling and long-lasting relationships with friends and a partner.
• Experience deep intimacy and a fulfilling sex life.
• Let go of control and enjoy going with the flow.



I love my career and working hard, but I was experiencing so much anxiety and dreaded my period every month because the pain would sideline me from my work. Working with Christina taught me how to embody my feminine while working hard. She helped me start scheduling my work according to my cycle to honor and capitalize on my energy. This shift has made me so much more productive without burning out, neglecting myself or feeling anxiety and dread.


The entire immersion was a blast! I am so grateful for all the gorgeous women I met and how we all let our feminine personality shine again. I learned so much about myself and have so many strategies to take away, so that I can strengthen my feminine side in my daily life. Christina is an amazing, empathetic coach always there with an answer. I’m just so glad I made the decision to join the immersion!


I’ve always had a very bad relationship with my father and other men. Throughout the immersion I finally understood how my beliefs were affecting my relationships with men. It was such a relief to finally have an answer. Since the immersion, I’ve noticed a positive difference in how I act and how men act towards me. The 'Feminine Again Immersion' is the best event I have ever invested in and it exceeded my expectations by far.


Now is your chance to tap into your feminine again! 3 days full of pleasure, femininity, and female superpower with an intimate group of other gorgeous women. This immersion is like no other! Experience a deep transformation that will forever change the way you feel about yourself. Your life will change forever once your feminine self is ready to shine again.


#1 FEMININE SUPERPOWER You exude magnetic feminine energy and attract people and opportunities into your life with ease.

#2 FULFILLING CAREER You stop hustling and overworking. You love what you do 100% and your career blooms because you attract instead of chase.

#3 LONG-LASTING AND SAFE RELATIONSHIPS Your relationships with both women and men feel safe and satisfying. With your partner you experience real love and intimacy.

#4 IMPROVED HEALTH You are able to relax, sleep well, and have tools to better manage your mental and physical wellbeing. You understand how to regulate and maintain a healthier menstrual cycle. Plus, you feel whole and complete, damn sexy, and just happy with your body and life.

#5 BEING YOUR TRUE SELF You embody your most authentic feminine self. You follow and trust your intuition, love yourself, feel confident, make decisions easily, and set boundaries unapologetically. This is YOU!


• 3 day event (Friday-Sunday) at an incredible venue in a world-class city with an intimate group of 5-7 other high achieving women

• Daily workshops, activities, personalized coaching, and a detailed workbook to reconnect you with your feminine energy

• Personal makeover including a new outfit, hairstyle and makeup by professional artists to visually represent your new feminine self

• Professional photo shoot to commemorate your transformation

• Goodie bag with personalized gifts

• Private telegram group w/ all participants to connect & share wins



/ welcome brunch w/ all women
/ unfold your personality
/ breathwork session by professional healer
/ uncover & solve blockages
/ deep dive on femininity & masculinity
/ heal relationships w/ women & men
/ creative vulva painting


/ reconnect with your intuition
/ level up your confidence
/ boost self-love & learn self-care
/ talk sexuality & sensuality
/ embrace pleasure with all senses
/ create your future feminine self
/ body movement & dancing*

* depending on the location of the immersion, it's a high heels class or a yoga session


/ makeover
/ new outfit by personal stylist
/ hair styling & makeup by professional artists
/ professional photo shoot
/ 1:1 just you & me coaching session
/ embody & celebrate your new feminine self
/ share key takeaways from the immersion
/ evening out together


Hi, I'm Christina! As a career driven woman, I hustled and chased the next achievement for years thinking it would lead me to fulfillment. I hold a PhD in Business Sciences and worked in the competitive corporate world of Mercedes for many years. My feminine was severely neglected as in our modern society masculine energy is seen as more valuable and productive.

I even adopted more masculine traits like short hair and mens clothes. I found it difficult to talk about my emotions, relationships, periods and sexuality. My work and private life blended together as I started new work-related hobbies and completely forgot about self-care. I had only a few flaky friends and my relationships with women and men were problematic and never lasted long.

In 2020 I reached my personal moment of burnout. I didn't know who I was when I looked into the mirror or what I wanted in my life. I felt completely disconnected from myself and my intuition. I was unable to make decisions, suffered from sleepless nights, panic attacks, and loneliness. I didn’t feel sexy and attractive anymore. And honestly, I knew that the key to my true self was to reconnect with my feminine, but didn’t know how to make it happen.


I knew something needed to change, so I dove into a coaching program, therapy, and concepts about personal growth and spirituality. The awareness and tools I practiced started to shift my energy. I stepped fully into my feminine and became a magnet for aligned opportunities, exciting relationships and once in a lifetime moments.

I noticed myself relaxing and reconnecting more with my wonderful body. I carried myself with more confidence, set clear boundaries, and spoke my mind more often. I developed deeper friendships with both women and men and actually enjoyed dating. I started to feel sexy and sensual again! I treated myself with respect, honored my energy and prioritized taking care of myself. I glowed from the inside out. In 2021 I quit my job at Mercedes and started doing what I love the most: traveling the world and further aligning myself with my feminine.


In 2022 I poured all of the wisdom, tools and processes into the ‘FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION’. Over just three days you’ll learn the core principles of femininity and experience internal shifts that took me months to embody. You will learn everything you need to tap into your feminine again and create life changing results in your own life, love! This is all possible for you, too.

Become one of those gorgeous women who already have been part of the immersion and whose lives have transformed in ways that they could never have imagined.


Now is your chance to tap into your feminine again! 3 days full of pleasure, femininity, and female superpower with an intimate group of other gorgeous women. This immersion is like no other! Experience a deep transformation that will forever change the way you feel about yourself. Your life will change forever once your feminine self is ready to shine again.


I was always that perfectionistic career woman hustling at work. But I always failed and things seemed so hard to get. Even people didn't want to stay in my life. I was constantly chasing them, especially men. I joined the immersion so I could learn to truly attract and magnetize, instead of constantly chase. Once I started to treat myself with more love and align myself with people that felt good for me, I started receiving more easefully.


I never imagined I could experience such a drastic transformation in just 3 days! For years I felt unappreciated in my job and stuck in unfulfilling relationships. During the immersion, I started to actually appreciate myself instead of waiting for other people to and I saw how I was keeping myself stuck. For the first time I feel so seen and appreciated as a woman. I truly feel that I have the power to change anything in my life!


A big, big thank you to Christina! I joined the immersion because to put it simply: I was not a fan of myself. Even though I was successful in my career, I felt insecure and disconnected from my body and intuition. Throughout the immersion I was so surprised by what came up inside of me I saw how I had been talking to and treating myself for years. Over the 3 days, I started to simply love myself, and I feel so proud and happy to be me.



INCLUDED: 3 FULL day in-person immersion (9am-6pm), intimate femininity coaching with a group of 5-7 wonderful women, snacks & refreshments at the venue, welcome brunch, events such as breathwork, painting course, dancing class or yoga session (all by professional trainers), makeover with a new outfit (USD $500 outfit voucher for you) with personal stylist, personalized hair styling, makeup, professional photo shoot, 1:1 coaching session, branded tote bag with amazing goodies, a workbook, a private telegram group w/ all participants to connect, and everything you need to feel FEMININE AGAIN. And of course the deep transformation and your new feminine self, babe!


USD $5,577


How old do I have to be to participate?

You must be 18 years or older. Most of the women who participate in the immersions are in their thirties and forties. They are ambitious, career driven ladies who want to transform themselves and tap into their feminine again. Some of them are entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs or managers in corporate companies.

How many spots will be available per immersion?

For each immersion we will have an intimate group of 5-7 ambitious women. This small group setup is very important to us so that we can provide individual attention & personalized coaching to meet the needs of every single woman. In general, it will be a very exclusive event, some spots are available by invitation only and some are sold on this website. So better save your spot now before they are all taken!

What can I expect from the immersion?

Connecting again to your feminine energy will make you more magnetic, sensual, relaxed, and nourished in all areas of your life. You can expect to make lifelong friendships and connections with other women and get to know yourself and your feminine energy on a deeper level. Be prepared for a massive transformation, babe!

Do the immersions differ?

The concept and key learnings from all immersions will be the same no matter which location you choose. However, depending on the local availability, activities can vary. Local availability will also affect the venue for the immersion and the kind of food we'll get served for the brunch on the first day of the immersion.

In which ways will I benefit from the immersion?

We'll teach you the basics that you need to know about femininity and practice strategies with you that will support you in tapping into your feminine energy in your daily life. However, to make it a massive shift for you, you have to work with us. This means, without your own effort & input, the immersion will not be as successful as with your full attention. Are you ready to invest time and money into your new feminine self? Because the investment will come back to you as your wonderful new feminine self!

What is included in the immersion?

In the 3 day immersion INCLUDED are:

- 3 full days of intense in-person group coaching

- one 1:1 session just you & me

- individual services throughout (ask questions anytime!)

- welcome brunch

- drinks and snacks on all 3 days at the venue

- events such as breathwork session by professional healer, painting course, dancing or yoga class by professional trainers, new outfit by personal stylist, USD $500 outfit voucher (needs to get fully redeemed), personalized hair styling and makeup, professional photo shoot

- branded tote bag with feminine goodies and your workbook

- private telegram group w/ all participants

AND your personal life-changing transformation into the most feminine self you could have ever imagined!

What is not included in the immersion?

The following are NOT included in the 3 day immersion (examples): costs for accommodation, breakfast and dinner, tips, extra events (when not explicitly mentioned in the included list), special requests for the makeover in terms of outfits worth more than USD $500 or special requirements for the styling, transportation to the venue from your hotel and back to the hotel etc.

What payment plans do you offer?

The 3 days will be life-changing and a deep transformation for you. To create this incredible experience for you throughout the immersion, we need your full attention and full investment as a commitment! Thus we don’t offer payment plans at this time.

What is your refund policy?

We offer the following refund policy:

/ a valid cancellation notice is received before 30 days prior to the event starting date:                      credit of USD $5,577 for a future immersion

/ a valid cancellation notice is received on or after 30 days prior to the event starting date:                 no refund entitlement

This refund policy applies as we hold the spot at the immersion available for you exclusively. We know that life happens! Let's discuss in case you want to switch to another immersion in the same calendar year.

What happens after payment is completed?

Babe, once you've picked the immersion of your choice and completed the payment, you have officially secured your spot for the 'FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION'. Congratulations! Within 24hrs after purchase, we will send you an email including the contract to sign, further details concerning the immersion, and a brief survey. The survey helps us getting to know you and personalizing your spot for the immersion. Around 30 days prior to the immersion, we will hop together on a short video call to get to know you better and talk about the details for your makeover & styling. About 2 weeks prior to the immersion, you will be added to the telegram group and can start chatting with the other women. We always keep you updated via email and in the private telegram group.

When will immersions take place in the future?

In 2023 the 'FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION' will take place in 3 different locations across the USA: Los Angeles (CA), New York City (NY), and Austin (TX). As we are constantly evolving and expanding, we can't tell you yet if additional immersions are going to happen in 2023. So better save your spot before the event is sold out, babe!

You have further questions?

Babe, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are always happy to help and answer all of your questions regarding the 'FEMININE AGAIN IMMERSION'. Shoot us an email or DM on Instagram to schedule a call to find out together if the immersion is the right event for you in your current life situation.

Always happy to hear from you!

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